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Give your home a spring clean

Updated: Oct 12, 2018

We made it! We got through Christmas and the January blues, so now it’s time to think about what the next few months have in store for us. So what better place to start than with that wonderful place we call home? Whether the walls have lost their colour or you're just in general need of a home makeover, it’s time to put your overalls on and get ready to spruce up for spring.

Where do you start? Don’t worry, here are a few simple tips to help you liven up your lovely home.

Are your dinner plates looking a bit hungry?

We all get to that point where our dinnerware is feeling a bit sorry for itself. We know we need a new set, but we just don’t have the heart (or time!) to change it. One simple tip: just do it! There are some beautiful sets available in your local stores, so be brutal and brighten up those mealtimes.

Here are a few examples of some delicious dinnerware to feast your eyes on.

Colour your world.

As the season changes, what better time to add a lick of paint to the walls than now? Whether you go for pastels or bold colours, a fresh change will do you the world of good.

Take a look at how you can pick the right colour of paint for your home.

A light sleep.

Lighter bed linen is the perfect way to bring more light in to your home - so wrap up the dark winter sheets and welcome some lovely light in.

Picture perfect.

Why not add some new photos to the wall, a canvas or even a simple stencil?

You could even invest in a 3D printing service to really bring your home to life.

Do you windows scrub up?

It’s easy to ignore the streaky windows during the cold winter months, but as soon as the sun pops out, you’ll wish you’d have invested in some cleaning time.

Thanks a bunch.

What better time to treat yourself to some lovely fresh flowers? There's no better way to uplift your day than with the fresh smell of flowers floating around the the room.

Unlock a whole new wardrobe.

When it comes to your wardrobe, a spring refresh is just what the doctor ordered. Having an organised wardrobe in the morning makes getting ready much easier - and you’ll also be making more room for some lovely new items.

Spring scents.

Change your home smells with the seasons. Scented candles are perfect for this, so get rid of the woody, spiced air fresheners and replace them with light, more botanical notes.

However you decide to give your home a spring clean, remember that this season is all about fresh fragrances and brighter, lighter colours. So embrace it all and enjoy having that extra spring in your step!

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